IDH 2020 Annual Report: Sustainable Business Models that Generate Impact

In 2020, impact and scale remained at the heart of everything we do. IDH has reached over 3.2 million farmers and workers and over 7.5 million hectares of land are now under sustainable agricultural practices.

The COVID crisis has affected the world severely, especially the most vulnerable groups, and has shown us how important it is to change the economy to benefit farmers, workers, and the environment. If there is a lesson we can take from this pandemic, it is how interconnected we are and how vulnerable our supply chains are. They need to be designed with sustainability as the focus.

Please find out more information and all the highlights in our 2020 Annual Report, which brings the results of the cooperation and investments by IDH and its 650 public and private partners in sustainable production and trade to impact the SDGs! Join us!

Brazil Chapter

Pages 66 to 74 show the results of IDH’s work in Brazil through its Landscape Program, based on the Production, Preservation, and Inclusion approach, a strategy implemented in more than 10 countries. In this chapter we highlight three of these results: