IDH and ABPO announce partnership to transform the cattle ranching chain in the Pantanal

IDH and ABPO (Brazilian Association of Organic Cattle Ranching) announced a long-term strategic partnership to support the sustainable development of the cattle ranching chain in the Pantanal biome. Through the agreement, the organizations will work to implement a long-term sustainable land-use agenda that promotes sustainable production, attracts public and private investments, and opens global consumer markets.

Photo: ABPO


The cooperation agreement also states that the Protocol for the Sustainable Production of Calves and Certified Organic Cattle Raising will provide the pillars for the production of calves in the Pantanal biome, supporting the pilot and expansion stages. The goal is to reach 1 million animals declared in the traceability platform that has been designed for integration with other existing systems in the industry and retail in global markets.

In order to promote this agenda, IDH and ABPO will work towards engaging public and private actors, producer entities, companies, service providers, financial institutions, and civil society entities committed to the sustainable development of the biome.

“IDH will be investing about BRL 10 million by 2025 to achieve this goal. This requires the active participation of all links in the cattle ranching chain to foster the transformation of the food system. Therefore, we are establishing partnerships with several actors from the industry, retail and trade involved in the cattle ranching chain that are committed to implementing the changes required,” stresses Daniela Mariuzzo, executive director of IDH Brazil.

The president of ABPO, Eduardo Cruzetta, explains that, historically, calf rearing has been one of the main activities in the Pantanal. And he adds that traceability is a requirement to add value. “That is why it is important to be together with the IDH in this process, so as to scale up these actions with ranchers in the Pantanal, thereby generating economic, social, and environmental benefits for society as a whole,” says Cruzetta.

The Memorandum of Understanding between IDH and ABPO will be in effect until December 2025.