IDH and Minerva Foods establish partnership to encourage traceability and green finance in the Brazilian livestock chain

IDH and Minerva Foods have just signed a memorandum of understanding to encourage the sustainable development of livestock farming in Brazil. The initiative is focused on promoting traceability, supporting the adoption of best practices on partner farms and developing carbon credit projects, through technical assistance and training for farmers.

The collaboration provides for the design of an Action Plan for the implementation of a pilot project for Sustainable Production of Calves in regions where Minerva Foods operates, where models of the program can be tested and monitored, both in relation to the property and the system that supports the Sustainable Production of Calves Protocol.

The partnership also addresses the green economy and expresses an interest in supporting carbon financing to create synergies that generate impact at scale, in line with Minerva Foods’ commitment to becoming Net Zero by 2035, by placing priority on actions that bring real and viable solutions to supply chain traceability.

Through the Renove Program, the company works with suppliers to implement regenerative and low-carbon practices, improving efficiency and supporting sustainable landscapes. In addition, it connects farms with carbon markets, through its subsidiary, MyCarbon.

“We have been working towards engaging farmers, thereby adding value to the supply chain, taking Brazil’s livestock industry to new heights and putting the country at the heart of discussions and practical actions to promote sustainability. Partnerships, such as the one we have established with IDH, are paramount to enable us to measure all the data and establish strategies to cover an ever-increasing number of properties,” explains Gracie Verde Selva, Executive Manager of the Renove Program at Minerva Foods.

For IDH, this partnership is another step towards consolidating actions to accelerate sustainability in value chains by creating solutions together with the private sector, as part of a landscape strategy to test sustainable finance and business models at scale and which support the transition of food systems to more sustainable patterns.

In Brazil, IDH is already developing a support strategy to promote sustainability in the livestock chain through the Sustainable Production of Calves Program, implemented in three biomes in Mato Grosso. The experience served as an incubator for the Sustainable Production of Calves Protocol, approved by the CNA.

In addition, it has recently signed a cooperation to support the production sector in the state of Pará in line with the sustainable development agenda.

“IDH has made a commitment to have, by 2025, a traceability platform of the Sustainable Production of Calves Protocol, which is being designed to integrate with other existing systems in industry and retail in global markets. To this end, it is investing around 10 million euros in maintaining the areas already supported since 2016 and establishing partnerships with various players in the production sector, industry, retail and commerce involved in the livestock chain,” adds Daniela Mariuzzo, executive director of IDH Brazil.