IDH and Partners Support Vietnam in Compliance with EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR)

IDH and public-private partners in compliance with EUDR, as well as scaling up low-emission production practices throughout the Central Highlands region.

On September 26, the Swiss Ambassador to Vietnam, Thomas Gass, and a delegation from the Swiss Embassy in Vietnam visited together with representatives from the district authorities in the Sustainable Landscape program in the Ea H’leo district in the Dak Lak province. The Sustainable Landscape program is financed by Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the EU and implemented by IDH. The objective of the visit is to assess the program’s achievements to date, and opportunities for cooperation in promoting compliance with the EUDR.

During the visit, the Ambassador met with and exchanged ideas with the Ea H’leo district People’s Committee leaders regarding the collaboration between the local government, IDH, and the private sector in building and developing sustainable value chains. They discussed the implementation plan for adapting to EUDR in the Ea H’leo district.

The delegation also visited the Trong Phu Cooperative, No. 5 in Ea Hiao commune, and the coffee gardens of cooperative members. The Ambassador was impressed with the progress of the project and its impact on the lives of farmers and the environment. The project has achieved positive results in both community and business practices. Awareness among officials at all levels and the local population about sustainable and responsible production has been increased.

There is a 20% increase in income for 30% of households through reduced production costs, higher product quality, and better selling prices. On the business side, thanks to the project, Intimex (the primary coffee purchaser in the area) has developed a business strategy focusing on developing a sustainable raw material region that ensures high quality and transparent source tracing. The public-private partnership alliance (JDE Peets, IDH, Intimex, and Ea H’leo district) has agreed to replicate the service supply model in three new communes: Cu Mot, Ea Khal, and Ea Ral. Additionally, plans are being made to link and expand coffee production throughout all communes in the Ea H’leo district using a landscape approach, aiming to establish a sustainable supply region for the community.

Ambassador Thomas Gass shared at the event: “Sustainable Coffee production requires the commitment of all private and public actors of the value chain. To include, empower, and build the capacity of small producers, the establishment of cooperatives is key. IDH funded by Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the EU facilitates such partnerships in Vietnam”.

Ms. Phan Thi Van, IDH’s Program Director, said: “Dak Lak is a pioneering province, closely collaborating with IDH and companies to build and implement a sustainable coffee and landscape program, aiming to establish large-scale raw material areas to meet market demands. IDH is cooperating with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the People’s Committees of the Central Highlands provinces, and companies such as JDE Peets, Intimex, Simexco, ACOM, LDC, etc. to promote the expansion of landscape-oriented impact, ensuring the harmonization of economic development, environmental protection, and inclusion. In the upcoming time, IDH and public-private partners will prioritize supporting the implementation of solutions in compliance with EUDR, as well as scaling up low-emission production practices throughout the Central Highlands region”.

Mr. Do Ngoc Sy, JDE Peets’ APAC director shared: “JDE commits to purchasing 100% responsibly sourced coffee by 2025 and pledges to continue partnering with IDH and Intimex to support the coffee industry in Vietnam as a whole, and specifically to make coffee from Ea H’leo greener and cleaner”.

IDH has implemented the Sustainable Landscape Program (ISLA) in Vietnam since 2014, focusing on promoting public-private partnerships with the participation of importers, end buyers, local authorities, social organizations, farmers, etc., in the management, investment, and coordinated implementation of interventions in key value chains in the Central Highlands, such as coffee and pepper. This program aims to address challenges related to large-scale sustainable agricultural production (Production), coupled with environmental protection (forest, land, water resources) (Protection) and increasing the livelihoods of farming households (Inclusion).

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