IDH Brazil shares experiences and results in spaces dedicated to farmers

The executive director of IDH Brazil and of the Sustainable Landscapes Program in Latin America, Daniela Mariuzzo, was invited to present the institution and share information about the activities developed in several areas over the last month.

She talked about Mato Grosso’s sustainable landscape development strategy and support for calf producers in Mato Grosso during the “AJ Influence Week – Debates & Auction” event. Agropecuária Jacarezinho is a commercial partner of the Program in the Juruena Valley region. Check out Daniela Mariuzzo’s participation here (starting at 2:19 min)

By making the countryside-city connection, Mariuzzo talked to Eloisa Hage and Elaine Silva, anchors of the Agroligadas program, broadcasted by Radio Metrópole FM from Cuiabá-MT. For one hour they talked about Brazilian agribusiness, female protagonism, the importance of rural education in schools, and the image of Brazilian agribusiness, among other topics. The interview is available here.

Another opportunity to present IDH’s work directly to farmers was on the Canal do Produtor show. During the interviews, Daniela Mariuzzo explained why developing a landscape strategy is crucial to ensure benefits inside and outside the farm gates. Follow the details here.

IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative convenes, finances and manages programs with farmers, multinational and smaller companies, governments and civil society, to accelerate transitions toward sustainability. We are headquartered in the Netherlands and operate globally with over 250 employees in 12 different industry sectors, including coffee, tea, cotton and soy, with the support of governments and foundations to deliver scalable, economically viable impact on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Encouraging joint investment in new models for long-term solutions for environmentally and socially sustainable production and trade is our way of working.

We focus on smallholder farmers and producers of commodities in field projects, multistakeholder landscape approaches, value chain development and in market convening for positive impact on social and economic outcomes for smallholder farmers. We work on derisking investment in smallholder finance through the IDH FarmfitFund, and in blended finance for nature-positive agriculture through our Technical Assistance Facilities for AGRI3, &Green and LDN Fund.