IDH brings together partners to discuss lessons learned and solutions for the implementation of the global strategy Produce, Preserve and Include in Brazil

IDH brought together, online, more than 70 partners that have been and are connected, in recent years, with activities supported by the Program for Sustainable Development of Landscapes in Brazil: Co-funding projects, PCI Strategy/Institute, Regional Compacts of Sorriso, Barra do Garças and Vale do Juruena, in Mato Grosso, and Balsas, in Maranhão. The event is part of a process for learning and identifying challenges and opportunities that began a year ago.

For about three hours, representatives of governments, farmers, companies, investors, NGOs, various associations, among others, talked about the challenges and opportunities related to a point that connects them directly: communication.

The executive director of IDH Brazil, Daniela Mariuzzo, explains that after several months of consultations with more than 150 players it has now become possible to have a comprehensive panel of perceptions, which pinpoints communication as the factor that can ensure engagement, recognition, and credibility of the initiatives developed collectively. “We have realized that there needs to be a collective movement around a purposeful communication agenda among the different environments of the landscape strategy. Not only among the actors already involved, but for society as a whole, with a sense of belonging and contribution, from a small farmer to a large global company”, she explained.

To provide maximum participation for all, the guests formed three large working groups. Subsequently, the contributions were shared in the general plenary. The evaluation of the partners was positive in the sense of focusing on the search for solutions and on the understanding that the actions must involve this collective effort to gain scale.

The next step will be to consolidate that content and availability on an online platform.