IDH Colombia kicks off alliance-building agenda for green growth plan in Huila

As part of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the IDH and the governor of Huila, on May 27, IDH Colombia team has held several meetings with directors of national and regional public institutions to align concepts and visions around the landscape approach.

Furthermore, several other activities are being developed to align the different stakeholders with a view to building an integrated vision that can trigger a suitable land use management to protect ecosystems and boost agriculture, a vocation of the region.

IDH Colombia team during visits in March 2020

On one hand, Huila Regional Environmental Authority – CAM has brought to the discussion a program they will develop with the purpose of promoting the protection of natural areas at the property level which, consequently, will have an impact at the regional level. On the other hand, the focus of the Agricultural Rural Planning Unit – UPRA is to foster a landscape vision which uses productivity and land use, while supporting socio-cultural ties and traditions, communities and farmers with their territory.

IDH has started this engagement process with different stakeholders who have similar visions of the territory with the purpose of combining the Produce, Preserve and Include (PPI) pillars, regionally, with the said initiatives to establish a solid partnership that can support a long-term Green Growth Plan for the State of Huila. In the words of the State Secretary of Agriculture, Dilberto Trujillo, “this is the right time to bring together all these important players for the development of the State of Huila, paving the way for a horizon of sustainable development, where all the stakeholders complement their activities and programs, and bring prosperity to our territory ”.