IDH publishes book on Collaborative Transformation

What does it take to make real change toward sustainability in international trade? On November 15, IDH celebrated its 10 years of driving partnerships for sustainable market transformation and launched its book on the art of making international trade more sustainable

IDH and its partners have spent the last 10 years learning the art of collaborative transformation, accumulating tacit knowledge on what works and what doesn’t to make change within the complexity of international trade. This book distills their insights, presenting 5 dimensions that are critical for stakeholders to attend to while working toward sustainability. To break down this complexity and to make it concrete, IDH gives examples from their partnerships involving a wide range of industries: from cotton to tea to cocoa. They show that collaborative transformations are not only possible: they hold the key to our shared future.

“Collaborative Transformation” was written by the Executive Director of IDH – Joost Oorthuizen, consultant, researcher and lecturer – Hans Vermaak, IDH senior manager of Learning and Impact research – Carla Romeu Dalmau and IDH program manager – Elea Papaemmanuel. Christiana Figueres wrote the foreword, where she states “This book is a wonderful example of stubborn optimism. It presents an intriguing model for enabling sustainability transitions within international value chains based on 5 carefully elucidated underlying dimensions. The model is complemented with useful examples from IDH’s first-hand experience working in facilitating transitions toward sustainability. The conceptual analysis is not limited to trade, however, and can be applied to other complex issues that are also kaleidoscopic in nature.”

Download your eBook here and learn what it takes to make real change toward sustainability in international trade.