IDH session WEF 2023: Roadmap to long-term environmental and social resilience

This year, IDH once more attended The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. In a very focused and open conversation, we came together with 15+ companies and public partners, at board level, to carve out opportunities for long-term environmental and social resilient value chains and markets.

Climate change topped the WEF survey of global risks, both short term and long term for the first time this year. The WEF’s ‘Markets of Tomorrow’ report also indicated that agriculture technologies are seen as the top priority.

Against this backdrop, many global brands and supply chain companies have committed to decarbonizing their supply chains, and a growing number starts committing to tackling inequality. Smallholder farmers are among the most exposed and vulnerable to these risks.

We believe in an integrated sustainability agenda, which can serve many of us, so we can fully integrate climate mitigation, climate adaptation, nature, and the social agenda into our business strategies.

During the conversation, the first building blocks of a roadmap to integrate these important topics in business models, sourcing strategy and investment were identified. Sharing risk, data and technology will be key parts as well as creating incentives and a clear narrative. We will now work with our partners to design and test this roadmap. This meeting at WEF was only the start.