IDH welcomes partners for a special moment!

IDH held a special meeting with the teams and partners of Brazil and Colombia at the end of November in Campinas-SP. This was the first face-to-face meeting after 20 months of virtual work, a period that saw overcoming, learning and achievements.

The proposal of the meeting “Experiences for celebration and integration” was precisely to encourage connection among people, to enable moments of closer and more humanized sharing, which has become quite difficult through screens, imposed by the “new normal” rules.

The event started on the 23rd with the reunion of IDH employees from Brazil and Colombia – some of whom had not met in person. On the following day, we welcomed our compact and project implementation partners, who work with resources from IDH’s Sustainable Territories program, including the PCI team from Mato Grosso and the Creer Foundation from Colombia. The group was then joined by partners representing companies that support the territorial approach by co-financing projects.

With all the necessary precautions, such as the use of face covering and hand sanitizers, we carried out activities and group dynamics that led to interactions and connections, in a large green, recreational area. These were moments of valuable sharing, inspiration, celebration of results and to recharge our energies for 2022, while strengthening even more the trust and closeness in our relationships.

Check out a video summary of the meeting