IDH’s territorial approach is the topic of Agri Sustainability Talks in London

In February, IDH attended the “Agri sustainability Talks”, an event promoted by the Brazilian Embassy in London to promote debate on agriculture and sustainability. In this third edition, discussions revolved around the topic “Sustainable Agriculture: what’s already working?” Experts from Brazil, the UK, and other countries presented cutting-edge technologies for sustainable food and biofuel production and promoted an in-depth debate about sustainable agriculture.

L/R: Gavin Ross, Territory Environmental Management, Incentive to Sustainable Agriculture, Tests and Trials of the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – Defra, Celso Moretti, President of Embrapa, Jonathan Wheatley, Emerging Markets Correspondent for the Financial Times, Guilherme Justo, IDH Soy Markets Program Manager, Marta Giannich, Amazon Secretariat and MMA Environmental Services


Guilherme Justo, who is responsible for connecting soy markets in Europe, participated in the panel that discussed how public policies can support Brazil to achieve this level of sustainability. He outlined IDH’s learnings from the journey to implement the PPI (Produce, Preserve, Include) landscape approach and explained how the development of these alliances on the ground creates a favorable environment for political and investment solutions to thrive and generate solid, long-term results in the territories.

The topic was exemplified through the PCI Juruena Valley Compact and the Sustainable Production of Calves Program, which represent concrete solutions for the promotion of a productive chain that brings development and sustainability at a regional level.

“Establishing shared goals, governance, monitoring, and transparency lead to favorable environments to reduce risks and attract investments. This discussion was important to enable and show an initiative that is ready, that can already demonstrate its results, which makes the discussion much more realistic”, pondered Justo.

This was an important step in getting closer to and establishing a cooperative partnership with the Brazilian Embassy in London.