IDH launches new brand bringing focus and clarity to global mission

IDH, an organization working globally to create better jobs, better incomes, a better environment and gender equality for all, has launched a new brand positioning and identity. The new brand goes beyond a new look to tap into the essence of how IDH catalyzes systems change in global value chains.

“Just as a single drop creates ripples that spread outward, we seek those small changes that can transform an entire system,” said Daan Wensing, CEO of IDH. “Whether developing the insights that provide a pathway towards living wages for workers or creating innovative tools to protect sensitive habitats, IDH convenes wide-ranging stakeholders to transform global markets.”


IDH’s revised and simplified tone of voice marks a departure from the complex jargon that often weighs down the sustainability sector. The brand itself is refreshingly clear, inspiring openness and accessibility. The new IDH color palette and clear positioning create a safe space that is supportive of transformation. The branding will be launched with a social media campaign, manifesto film, and soon to be developed website.

“People are fundamental to our work; they make and shape the systems that we are all part of. That’s why it was so crucial for us to be a warm, welcoming brand that makes it easy to think differently,” Wensing said. “We want to create space for diverse people to hear and understand each other, build alliances, and challenge the status quo.”

Collaboration is central to IDH’s approach bringing together corporations, investors, and policymakers that have influence and power in global value chains. Their actions influence how the world’s food systems operate. Often they affect how much farmers, producers and workers earn, the conditions in which they work, how farms operate, and how goods find their way to shoppers’ carts. IDH leverages these relationships to spark change in global markets.

“As the chair of IDH’s Supervisory Board, I’m honored to support this unique organization that works hand in hand with companies and other stakeholders to bring about change in trade and markets. Whether it’s building secure livelihoods with smallholders, guiding companies on their living wage journey or building coalitions to conserve landscapes, the new brand will help bring that message across and influence behavioral change.”, said Magdi Batato, Chair of the Supervisory Board of IDH.

The organization aims to inspire courage among partners to embrace change and act in the long-term interest of people, planet and progress. Over the course of 2021, IDH collaborated with 735 partners around the world, including 275 private sector actors to implement 70 programs in 13 sectors.

“We believe that no one single actor can create the change the world needs, and the new brand and purpose radiate our continuing commitment to collaborate, co-create and co-invest, so that we will together, transform markets,” said Gillian Evans, Senior Communication and Brand Manager.

“This new brand gives our partners greater clarity on our mission and how we can support them in creating market transformation, unifies the IDH team with a clear story that inspires our pursuit of progress, and sets a new standard for IDH as an impartial thought leader that shifts the private sector’s focus towards the long term, for public good.”

Evans led the development of the new brand alongside Judy Schnitger – Zwinkels, Director of Communication and Engagement at IDH and the brand agency Bulletproof.

“We see the world in color, not in black and white; we admire the power of human ingenuity to solve complex problems. Our new branding is an invitation to all to join us in co-creating and investing in a future that puts people, planet, and progress at the heart of markets,” said Schnitger – Zwinkels. “The world desperately needs courageous actions now.”