Jonas Mva Mva becomes new IDH Regional Director for Africa

IDH is very happy to announce the appointment of Jonas Mva Mva as IDH Regional Director for Africa.

As Regional Director Africa, Jonas Mva Mva will lead IDH’s work on sustainable landscapes and sustainable cocoa in West and Central African countries in which IDH is working. Jonas first joined IDH in 2010 and his appointment as IDH Regional Director for Africa follows a successful term since 2016 as Program Director Cocoa at IDH in the Netherlands. His focus will be West and Central Africa and he will be based in Cameroon.

Matthew Spencer, Global Director Landscapes, said: “Jonas brings huge wisdom and dedication to all of his work for IDH. He has enormous experience of making things happen in the field, is a trusted adviser to multiple African governments and has shown an unstinting commitment to teamwork and nurturing and supporting colleagues, so we are very happy that he will take up this position.”

Jonas has also worked as Director of Sustainability for Cémoi. Prior to this role, he worked for 10 years as a Country Representative for STCP (Sustainable Tree Crops Program), a program set up by cocoa industry and WCF to improve cocoa farmers GAP and livelihoods.

Jonas spent 12 years with Catholic Relief Services as a Project Manager and Acting Country Representative working on rural development projects in Central Africa. He also worked as Country Director of INADES Formation in Cameroon for 2 years focusing on Adult Education, Agriculture training and rural development. Jonas founded ODECO (Organisme de Développment d’Etude de formation et de Conseil) a national development NGO in Cameroon which he co-managed for 10 years.

He holds an MBA in Law and Economics from the University of Yaoundé, Cameroon and has several training and professional courses from Europe and the US in Expertise Economics Adult Training.

Jonas will continue to serve as the main contact point for cocoa at IDH for a transition period until the position of Program Director Cocoa is filled.