Mato Grosso government sets up committee to monitor progress on climate goals

Pedro Taques, Mato Grosso governor announced on March 24th that his government has set up a committee to monitor the progress made on the state’s COP21 ambitions.

 The committee is made up of the Office of Strategic Affairs, the Environment State Secretary, the Economic Development Secretariat and the State Secretariat for Family Agriculture and Land Affairs.

 Taques’ government had committed to reducing six gigatons of CO2 emissions by 2030 and eliminate illegal deforestation by 2020 during the COP21 conference in Paris last December. This was part of an ambitious plan referred to as Produce, Conserve, Include (PCI).

Taques said that Mato Grosso has already begun to benefit from the commitments made. “This is not a job for just government, it is a work of Mato Grosso society.” One such example is the work of IDH’s ISLA program, which, through initial funding from Dutch and Norwegian governments, is developing a financing facility aimed at catalyzing international investment the PCI program.

A delegation from the Norwegian government – key funder of combatting deforestation in Brazil – visited the government of Mato Grosso in February to discuss PCI.