Located in south-west Côte d'Ivoire, the Cavally classified forest (Cavally CF) is a tropical rainforest. Rich in biodiversity, it is home to many endemic and endangered species, such as chimpanzees, and provides important ecosystem services, such as climate regulation, on which agricultural production relies.

As part of the new forest preservation, rehabilitation and extension policy for 2019, the Ministry of Water and Forests has categorized classified forests according to their level of degradation. The Cavally classified forest is designated as a category 1 forest (forests with the lowest rate of deforestation). It therefore receives special attention, and many partners are mobilized to support SODEFOR in its protection activities.

To protect the Cavally classified forest from the threat of degradation, patrols are organized every month, financed by various stakeholders (SODEFOR, STBC, Earthworm Foundation, Nestlé, IDH, etc.), to destroy illegal agricultural plantations within the forest and prevent infiltration. Despite these efforts, deforestation continues, albeit at a declining rate. This is demonstrated by the resurgence of deforestation observed in the last quarter of 2022, according to data from the Earthworm Foundation.

SODEFOR, supported by the Earthworm Foundation and IDH, organized a workshop to discuss the forest protection strategy drawn up by SODEFOR with the various parties involved in forest protection.

The workshop provided an opportunity to:

  • Review the protection of Cavally FC since 2018;
  • Present SODEFOR’s new adaptable forest protection strategy;
  • Discuss the Cavally CF protection plan for the 2023-2028 period.

The workshop ended with the financial and other commitments of the stakeholders to work together to preserve and restore the Cavally Classified Forest.