Nathália Monéa takes on management of the IDH Brazil Program

Nathália Monéa, Biologist and Expert in Environmental Management, has more than 15 years of experience in sustainability in agribusiness and is the newest member of IDH Brazil’s team. With vast experience in sustainability for the agribusiness and responsible chains, including multi-sector initiatives, public-private partnerships, and relationships with stakeholders, she joined the team last March as Senior Manager of the Brazilian Program.

Nathália began her career with socio-environmental consulting around Brazil, implementing management systems and preparing rural properties for certification. She was also the sustainability analyst at Rabobank, in the CSR area, identifying risks, and analyzing the socio-environmental status of clients for decision-making. She had the opportunity to take part in several groups and committees for sustainable production.

In the coffee industry, for instance, Nathália worked as the Brazilian Manager of Association 4C, and later, the Global Coffee Platform (GCP), where she represented the initiatives in Brazil, managed and developed strategies for that entity, its members, and partners. She also accumulates experiences in industries such as chocolate, peanuts, and candies, having been responsible for the development of responsible chain strategies in the Brazilian Association of the Chocolate, Peanut, and Candy Industry (Abicab).