PCI Compact in the Balsas-MA region wins new partnerships and strengthens actions in the Include axis

The City Hall of Loreto and the company Reciclagem Central signed in June the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of the PCI Compact of the Balsas-MA Region, reinforcing the group of 22 representatives of the public and private sectors as well as civil society organizations engaged in the proposal that aims to promote the sustainable development of the territory.

Last month, FAPCEN, the organization that leads the implementation of the Compact, in partnership with NATCAP and IDH funding, held meetings in the municipalities of Loreto and Riachão in order to mobilize the partners around the implementation of the goals, especially those provided for in the area of Inclusion, with support for family farming. Representatives of the local governments and local associations took part in the meetings, as well as technicians from the Maranhão State Agency for Agricultural Research and Rural Extension.

FAPCEN highlighted the importance of technology transfer as a means of encouraging diversification and improvement of production, thereby generating greater profitability.

The members of the Compact’s Strategic Committee also participated in an online workshop, the objective of which was to revisit each of the 22 goals set out in the Produce, Conserve and Include axes, evaluating the actions under development and the strategies needed to put into practice those that need to advance in order to reach the agreed commitment.

The PCI Compact of the Balsas-MA Region was launched in November 2020. Learn more here.