PCI Institute’s Investment Committee assesses progress in funding for Mato Grosso

The virtual meeting of the PCI Institute’s Investment Committee was held on June 30, and was attended by 26 members, under the coordination of the IDH.

The Investment Committee is an advisory body that is part of the PCI Institute’s governance structure, for which IDH was appointed as coordinator by the founding organizations. The role of the investment committee is to attract new public and private investment to the PCI Strategy.

The meeting was divided into three parts. The first was a presentation on sustainable finance and their opportunities for agribusiness, delivered by Orlando Editore, from Proactiva Consulting, a new member of the Investment Committee.

Following that, a survey was presented conducted by the Chief of Staff Office of the Government of Mato Grosso, to identify the non-reimbursable funds allocated to the State that contribute to the implementation of the PCI Strategy’s goals. Part of the preliminary results, presented by the Coordinator of the Centre for International Affairs of the Chief of Staff Office, Rita Chiletto, show that the main investors are: Petrobras, the Government of Norway and the Government of Germany, with 36 joint initiatives, followed by the Mato Grosso Agriculture and Livestock Federation (Famato), with 17 projects, placed fourth are Moore Foundation, the State Treasury and Embrapa, with 9 projects each, and in the fifth position is the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), Bank of Brazil, Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), with 8 initiatives each.

“IDH has already invested nearly 9 million euros in projects in Mato Grosso between 2016 and 2020 and for us this mapping is an important step to organize the efforts of all institutions that support the PCI Strategy, by connecting complementary initiatives. The research will feed the work of the consulting firm being engaged to develop the investment models for implementing the PCI Strategy”, says Marcela Paranhos, Investment Manager at IDH in Brazil and coordinator of the Committee.

The third part of the meeting was conducted by the Executive Director of the PCI Institute, Fernando Sampaio, who provided members with an update on actions carried out in June in relation to the investment agenda, which included the virtual mission carried out by the World Bank to the State of Mato Grosso, talks with the Partnership for Forests (P4F) initiative, Soft Commodities Forum (SFC), World Resources Institute (WRI) Brazil, among others.

“There is a number of investment possibilities that we are currently carrying out or on track to be carried out. From corporate investments, such as those made by the SCF, investments or direct support to the structuring of the PCI, such as those discussed with the P4F and WRI, and investment negotiations in the State, underway with the World Bank. This whole set will allow the strategy to scale up and achieve the desired impact”, Sampaio points out.