PCI is presented at Agrisustainability Talks in London

A territorial approach of the State of Mato Grosso, the IDH-supported PCI (Produce, Preserve and Include) Strategy was part of the Agrisustainability Talks, promoted by the Brazilian Embassy in London. Mato Grosso’s sustainable production practices became internationally prominent in October. Fernando Sampaio, executive director of the PCI Institute, spoke on the 23rd at the seminar.

The objective was to present the PCI Strategy as a State guideline followed by the Government of Mato Grosso to ensure the expansion and improvement of productive practices combined with environmental conservation and social inclusion. “This is an innovative format for it brings together government, the private sector and representatives of civil society. Our role was to present the work that is underway and to show that sustainable agricultural production is a reality in the state,” said the executive director. On the occasion, the PCI Institute also presented real investment opportunities in projects being developed in Mato Grosso.

The event, held for the first time by the Brazilian Embassy in London, featured speakers from Brazil and the United Kingdom, who talked about sustainability in agribusiness, about topics such as traceability of the production chains, crop protection, integrated systems and biofuels. Organizations such as Embrapa, Abiove and Datagro were also present, as well as English institutions linked to agriculture and sustainability. The president of the House of Representatives, Rodrigo Maia, and the president of the Parliamentary Agricultural Front (FPA), Alceu Moreira, closed the event.