Podcast Betrouwbare Bronnen: Trade and Aid (Dutch language)

Ingrid Thijssen, VNO-NCW president and Daan Wensing, IDH CEO discuss in the podcast Betrouwbare Bronnen the importance of international trade in agricultural raw materials. They explain why the combination of trade and aid is important for the earning capacity and livelihoods of many.

A third of Dutch employment comes from global trade. The integration of trade and aid is the secret of Dutch success on world markets for agricultural raw materials and products.

VNO-NCW is the largest employers’ organisation in the Netherlands.

Betrouwbare Bronnen links Dutch politics and policy to European and international developments. The podcast is hosted by Jaap Jansen (a political journalist) who talks to political protagonists and highly qualified experts. Co-host PG Kroeger provides historical context. 

Listen here to the podcast