Podcast: Creating safe workplaces, free from forms of violence

In this episode Celine Gilart, Director of Social Impact and Sustainability at Twinings, provides concrete examples of how women’s empowerment and gender equality can work to not only improve lives, but also be an engine for economic growth and business.

It is clear there is a long way to go before we can say that all supply chains are safe and empowering for women, but efforts are being made to get there. IDH and Twining’s are collaborating, alongside Unilever, Ethical Tea Partnership, Tesco and Taylors, through “The Women’s Safety Accelerator Fund” to address the root causes of gender-based violence in the tea supply chain in Assam, West Bengal and South India. This program works with both management level, and the tea garden workers, along with government service providers, to tackle harmful social norms, such as patriarchal attitudes, as well as lack of access to information and knowledge.

Listen to the full podcast now to find out more:

IDH Podcast · Creating safe workplaces, free from forms of violence


Learn more about the Women’s Safety Accelerator Fund.