Productive and Sustainable AgroColombia Initiative launches online platform

Since 2011, IDH has consolidated a wide and successful experience as a partner of the World Economic Forum, bringing together public and private national platforms ” driven by collective action ” in Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Africa.

Colombia has thriving landscapes that produce a multitude of agri-commodities such as cocoa, fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy. It is also the third largest producer of coffee in the world and has huge potential and drive to become a leading example in the field of sustainable sourcing of produce.

In order to improve this development, in 2017, IDH was invited to lead the Initiative AgroColombia Productiva y Sostenible, and in 2019 started to implement the Landscape Program. The mission of this initiative is to create of collaborative ties public-private in various agro-industrial sectors in Colombia, to identify align and scale practices sustainable support aligned agricultural development with the context and the agenda of post-conflict and the market demands and world.

This strategy has brought together key players for the construction of the Production, Protection and Inclusion (PPI) Compacts in the states of Cesar, Huila and Magdalena.

The IDH’s role is to facilitate the construction and consolidation of these Compacts in the territory, supporting the work that has already been carried out and attracting investments to consolidate projects that transform the landscape, with sustainable production, preservation of natural resources and promote the social and economic inclusion to smallholders.

To reflect the importance of the Initiative and give visibility to the activities and strategies that are being implemented in order to fulfill the mission of promoting and improving the agricultural sector in Colombia, as well as to act as a support to attract new partners interested in contributing to the construction of this alliance, AgroColombia has just launched a website:

The online platform contains information about the Initiative, the thematic worktables, and the challenge of building arrangements with a landscape approach, through Produce, Preserve and Include Compacts, in three priority states: Cesar, Magdalena, and Huila. It also provides visibility and recognition of the work already carried out over the years by the Productive and Sustainable AgroColombia Initiative.

The objective is to connect public, private, and civil society actors in the mission to identify, align, promote, and scale-up sustainable practices for the development of the agriculture and livestock sector in Colombia, which meet the requirements of international markets.