Regenerative Agriculture is the key to our future

It increases soil carbon, biodiversity and climate resilience. It improves water quality, regenerates the land and provides good livelihoods for farmers. Regenerative agriculture has many traits that link it back to IDH’s core strategies on Living Income, Living Wages and Landscapes.

Together, Practical Action and IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative are hosting a series of three online events to explore the specific challenges and opportunities of implementing regenerative agriculture in the Global South.

The events will be held on 14, 16 and 22 September 2021:

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Companies and farming organisations are increasingly focused on regenerative agriculture, seeing it as an essential strategy to achieve net zero commitments and offering an alternative to unsustainable, intensive agriculture.


However, challenges remain regarding the scaling of regenerative agriculture. The process of transitioning from conventional agriculture to regenerative agriculture within supply chains is only now starting to be more widely explored. Questions arise around which are the strategies that work, the costs involved, the partnerships required and the inclusion of smallholder farmers.

This series of events will place these challenges in a larger context and provide the opportunity to learn from early adopters.