Reginaldo Ecclissato from Unilever joins IDH Supervisory Board

Marc Engel passes the baton after two independent terms

Reginaldo Ecclissato, Chief Business Operations and Supply Chain Officer at Unilever, has been appointed to the IDH Supervisory Board from the 1st of March 2023. He will be succeeding Marc Engel, who has served on the IDH Supervisory Board for two terms in total, significantly contributing to IDH’s development from start-up to a global organization and systems change agent.

In the Supervisory Board, Reginaldo is welcomed by chair Magdi Batato, Executive Vice President and Head of Operations at Nestle and six other members.

“I am honoured to join the IDH Supervisory Board. There is a compelling business case for sustainability, and I strongly believe in the ability of companies to be a force for good.  IDH enables business to be exactly that, a force for good. I am looking forward to working together with my fellow board members and the entire IDH team to create value for people and the planet”, says Reginaldo Ecclissato.

The in Brazil-born Reginaldo has a rich history at Unilever spanning over 30 years with extensive supply chain experience in both developed and emerging markets. From January 2022, he succeeded Marc Engel as the Chief Supply Chain Officer at Unilever. As part of Unilever’s ambitious sustainability agenda, IDH and Unilever have a strategic partnership in place. The two organizations also work together with other partners in many market transformation programs.

Daan Wensing, CEO and member of the Executive Board at IDH, said: “I’m very happy that Reginaldo Ecclissato decided to join Supervisory Board of IDH. His experience and his extensive knowledge on international supply chains are invaluable. With Reginaldo on board, we can achieve our ambitions to contribute to a better world, where people and planet are at the heart of markets.

“I’d also like to thank Marc Engel for all his time and contributions in the Supervisory Board and support to bringing IDH as an organization to the next level. In both his terms, he set a high standard and I’m very grateful for his valuable insights and advice for our mission towards market transformation.”

Marc Engel was a member of the IDH Supervisory Board first from 2009 to 2012 and later from 2020 to end 2022. Before his retirement at Unilever, he held the position of Chief Supply Chain Officer and was a member of the Unilever leadership executive team.

IDH aims to put people, planet, and progress at the heart of trade by leveraging the power of markets to create better jobs, better incomes, a better environment, and gender equality for all. To achieve this objective, IDH brings together people within corporations, the global financial sector and governments that have the most influence over global value chains to co-create and co-invest.

IDH is steered by the Executive Board and Global Management Team, supported and advised by a Supervisory Board and Impact Committee. The Supervisory Board of IDH guards the policy and functioning of the IDH office. It also oversees the principles of IDH, decides on accepting new improvement programs, and consolidates annual plans and reports. The Board comes together three times a year.

Reginaldo Ecclissato is Chief Business Operations and Supply Chain Officer at Unilever