SDM podcast: Diversification strategies for service supply to smallholders

In a series of webinars with our partners, we dove into discussing some of the critical bottlenecks in creating efficient SDMs. Now we open up those insights to a wider group.

Improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in developing economies is one of the impact focuses of IDH.  And a critical question for smallholder farmers, and all who depend on their productivity, is how we can build economically viable systems to enable the delivery of key services. Therefore, the IDH agenda on smallholders has a strong focus on how to create cost-efficient models (service delivery models (SDMs)) that realize a high return on investment for both farmers and service providers—and how to ensure these models can continue without donor support.

In this series of podcasts we share emerging trends, as organizations go beyond the commodity of their immediate interest to provide services relevant for other crops. For example, a coffee buyer also offering services for staple crops and/or facilitating access to financial services through partnerships with local financial institutions. We see these diversified service strategies prove great benefits, as well as practical challenges, faced by both farmers and companies.

In this podcast learn more from Sangany as they go beyond coffee and spices, to facilitates access to finance through a partnership with a cooperative financial institution. And read the full briefing paper to learn more about Pratibha Syntex Ltd. facilitating crop diversification beyond cotton to food crops.


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