Sema-MT and IDH enter into partnership to promote environmental regularization in Mato Grosso

The municipalities of Juruena, Cotriguaçu, Sorriso and Barra do Garças, where the PCI Regional Compacts have been implemented, will have priority

The Mato Grosso State Secretariat for the Environment (Sema-MT, the Acronym in Portuguese) and the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) have signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement aimed at fostering public initiatives and policies focused on the environmental adequacy of rural properties with particular emphasis on the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) and the Environmental Regularization Program (PRA). For this purpose, they have devised a Work Plan aimed at promoting environmental regularization and sustainability in the value chains in Mato Grosso.

This partnership consolidates the sustainable territorial development strategy of municipalities of Mato Grosso, with priority given to Juruena, Cotriguaçu, Sorriso and Barra do Garças, where Regional PCI (Produce, Conserve and Include) Compacts have been implemented, with goals agreed for environmental regularization.

In these municipalities, the cooperation between IDH and Sema-MT will allow, for instance, addressing one of the major bottlenecks that hinder the process of validation of the CAR by the Secretariat, which are the inaccuracies of the information fed into the Mato Grosso System of Environmental Registration Rural (SIMCAR). To this end, IDH will develop a database for each municipality having PCI Regional Compacts implemented that, once sent to Sema-MT, will be validated in advance before entering the system. Through the qualification of these data, possible failures are mitigated, which will provide Sema-MT with greater agility in the CAR validation process for rural properties in these regions.

The cooperation reinforces the commitment of Sema-MT with the establishment of partnerships that deliver results for the sustainable development advocated by the state of Mato Grosso, defined by the PCI State Strategy.

“The investment made by IDH in Mato Grosso shows the confidence that international partners are placing in our public policies for sustainable development. The partnership will help us to speed up the implementation of the Environmental Regularization Program, within the scope of the Rural Environmental Registry”, celebrates the State Secretary for the Environment, Mauren Lazzaretti. The manager underscores that the CAR is an important environmental assessment and monitoring tool to help the state design and implement public policies, thereby consolidating Mato Grosso as a state that preserves 60% of its territory and still stands out as an important producer of food for the world.

The Agreement also provides for the mobilization and training of service providers, municipal technicians and employees of rural associations and unions on issues related to CAR, PRA, Forest Restoration and monitoring. And, Sema-MT will also count on the support provided by IDH technicians for the environmental regularization agenda in the state of MT.

IDH has invested around 9 million euros in the period from 2016 to 2021 in Mato Grosso, which encompasses the PCI Strategy, the PCI Institute, support to the State, PCI Regional Compacts and co-financing projects with the private sector,