In case you missed it- webinar recording now available

On November 9th at 9:00 an 15:00 CET, IDH hosted a 1hr webinar on Service Delivery Models. In the session we shared the insights gained and our next steps on the road towards creating cost-effective and scalable solutions that empower smallholders, to grow and sustain their businesses.

Check out our recording of this webinar here:

Earlier this year, IDH worked together in a partnership with NewForesight Consultancy to analyze the models of service providers in the coffee and cocoa sector. The outcome of this work is a series of individual case studies that analyze specific models of service delivery and a synthesis report which aggregates the findings.

Due to the competitive nature of supply chains, there has generally been limited data and evidence on the delivery models that work and those that do not; on cost structures, funding models, or the levers that can be pulled to create cost-effective impact at farm level. At the same time, smallholder farmers are in need of services like extension, inputs, finance, processing, marketing, delivered in a stable and cost efficient system.

The session¬†was hosted by Iris van der Velden, who is leading IDH’s work on Service Delivery Models.