Smallholder inclusion in Cassava supply chain in Nigeria

As part of the IDH Cassava program with support from Rockefeller Foundation, we worked with cassava production company Psaltry International to establish a sustainable and inclusive supply chain through an Outgrower project using our Block Farm Model. After three years, Psaltry International has enhanced its capacity and growth, guaranteeing supply to the factory and improving the livelihoods of smallholders in the supply chain.

The Outgrower project provides a win-win arrangement between companies as Psaltry International and smallholder farmers.

The 1,000 farmers who are directly linked to the company’s supply chain through the block farm were allocated 2ha of land each and supported with input services such as mechanization, improved planting materials, and agrochemicals. With the technical support from Psaltry International towards improved agronomical practices and provision of credit, farmers were able to increase yield by almost 60%, increasing cassava supply that increased capacity utilization of the processing plant by 107%.

We’ve also seen a 81% income increase for these block farmers. In addition, the project has created a total of 41,660 temporary and 40 permanent jobs during the project.

Read our recently published case study, and get inspired from Psaltry’s experience and results