WEF’s Tania Strauss joins IDH Supervisory Board

Tania Strauss, Head of Food and Water at the World Economic Forum joins the IDH Supervisory Board in September.


She joins together with Saswati Bora from The Nature Conservancy (TNC)  and other committed members. She is welcomed by chair Magdi Batato, Executive Vice President and Head of Operations at Nestlé.

The IDH Supervisory Board contributes to IDH’s development as a global organisation and systems change agent, and members share their valuable insights and advice for IDH’s mission towards market transformation.

At the World Economic Forum, Tania is responsible for the Food and Water agenda which works to advance a sustainable and inclusive transition to healthy, resilient food and water systems, through finance, technology, policy and inclusion. Tania has over 20 years of experience in managing global initiatives in these areas across Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Her expertise includes international development, public-private partnership facilitation, business strategy, and development economics in food security, sustainable agriculture, integrated value chains, climate resilience, inclusive growth, gender, and health systems.

“I am looking forward to working together with Tania. She brings a wealth of experience to the Board, which will help IDH to support companies to address complex problems of poverty, inequality and environmental degradation”, said Supervisory Board chair Magdi Batato.

Daan Wensing, CEO and member of the Executive Board at IDH, added: “It is great news that Tania Strauss decided to join the Supervisory Board of IDH, and continue the close partnership between IDH and the World Economic Forum.”

IDH seeks to transform markets through collaborative innovation, convening and investment in inclusive and sustainable solutions that enable businesses to create value for people and planet. To achieve this, IDH brings together coalitions of committed stakeholders from across global value chains towards joint visions and program agendas for sustainable trade.

IDH is steered by the Executive Board and Global Management Team, supported and advised by a Supervisory Board and Impact Committee. The Supervisory Board of IDH guards the policy and functioning of the IDH office. It also oversees the principles of IDH, decides on accepting new improvement programs, and consolidates annual plans and reports. The Board comes together three times a year.