Women Farmers Forum publishes success stories in agricultural sustainability

In November, Clube Amigos da Terra de Sorriso (CAT) held another edition of the Women’s Forum, this time in an online format, and invited women who stand out in their areas of expertise, especially with sustainability strategies.

The president of CAT Sorriso, Dudy Paiva, spoke of her trajectory, since her arrival in the municipality of Sorriso in the 1970s, with the challenges of occupying a region with no infrastructure for production, until these days, and having the farm of the family certified. “My past was a beautiful one, my present is wonderful, and I believe that my future will be even better”, she pointed out.

IDH Brazil Executive Director & Latam Landscapes Program Director, Daniela Mariuzzo, was among the guests at the Forum. With a degree in food engineering and extensive experience around sustainability focused on agricultural production, she highlighted the partnership between IDH and CAT in two regional strategies on sustainability, involving production, conservation, and inclusion: the Regional Compact PCI of Sorriso and the Cultivating Sustainable Life program, co-funded by IDH.  “The work we are carrying out in Sorriso, with CAT opening its doors, is something unique. There is no such thing in the world and the agenda for 2021 is to bring more investors”, she pointed out.

The Female Farmers Forum was also attended by producer Rita de Cássia Hachiya, owner of the Vila Láctea farm located in the Jonas Pinheiro Settlement, the president of the Inner Wheel Club (Rotarians’ Partners Association) and State Coordinator of the Pastoral Care of the Elderly, Cecilia Crestani, farmer Silvia Filipetto, artist and writer Vilma Machado and judge Anderson Candiotto, who spoke about the service provided by Rede Mulher, in Sorriso. The event was mediated by CAT Sorriso’s project director, Cristina Delicato.

The Forum is organized by CAT and IDH and is supported by the Rural Union, Acrismat, the Council of Sorriso, the Wheel Club (Rotarians’ Partners Association), the Women’s Network and the Productive Association Women of Poranga.

You can check all the details of the event here