As the 5th largest cotton producing country in the world, the use of modern technology, government support and new cotton producing regions – have all provided Brazil the impetus to provide high quality cotton to the domestic and international markets. Mechanized farming and modern ginning facilities have resulted in a competitive and thriving cotton industry, leading the world in both – yield and fiber quality.

cotton brABRAPA, a BCI IP since 2010, became a Strategic Partner in 2014 after completing a benchmarking exercise which aligned ABRAPA’s own ABR (Algodão Brasileira Responsável / Responsible Brazilian Cotton) program, with the Better Cotton Standard. This means that today all ABR Cotton can also be procured as Better Cotton.

The Fast Track Fund had played a catalytic role in initiating Better Cotton and building capacity within ABRAPA in Brazil back in 2010. A notable achievement is that, from 2013 onwards, ABRAPA is no longer a recipient of funding from the BCFTP.

In 2015, 767,000 MT lint of Better Cotton was produced, across an area of 557,000 hectares and 188 farmers were licensed to produce Better Cotton – a testament to a successful partnership model.