AGRI3 Technical Assistance

The AGRI3 Technical Assistance Facility, managed by IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative, can support companies and commercial financial institutions to develop high sustainability impact investment projects using technical assistance (TA) support (grants and advisory). The aim of this support is to meet investment requirements for commercial financing that can be supported by impact funds such as the AGRI3 Fund, or to maximize the impact of projects already supported by AGRI3 Fund.

The AGRI3 Fund provides unfunded risk participations to commercial banks to catalyze private financial resources for high impact transactions that are perceived as too risky to finance by the private sector alone.

At an impact level, eligible projects for AGRI3 improve rural livelihoods and,

  1. contribute to sustainable agricultural production and/or;
  2. support forest protection / restoration.

The AGRI3 Fund currently works closely with Rabobank with five joint transactions closed to date.

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