European Soy Monitor 2018

38% FEFAC SSG compliant & 19% deforestation-free

We release the second European Soy Monitor into a world facing an unprecedented crisis. While our daily efforts go to supporting all partners in adapting to this crisis, the pandemic also highlights the importance of our work to build more resilient and sustainable soy supply chains. Sustainable soy that serves producing communities and local ecosystems, and combats climate change must be a priority if we are to avert future crises.

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This report clarifies a soy landscape that is slowly moving towards more sustainability

Trade wars between the US and China, wildfires in the Amazon and elsewhere altering public opinion, and a president in Brazil whose rhetoric on conservation runs counter to a global rush to head off climate change have all muddied the waters.

Updates on European soy consumption show improvements and a large gulf that must be bridged.

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The report calculates that 38% of soybean meal consumption in Europe was FEFAC SSG compliant and 19% was deforestation-free in 2018. While these numbers indicate increased adoption of sustainable soy, this rate must accelerate if we are to reach 100% on a relevant timeline.

The path forward is clear:

We must strengthen time bound commitments from supply-chain actors, provide strong support to high-risk producing areas, intensive collaboration and financing that prioritizes sustainable production. We must rally unprecedented support over the coming years to improve production practices on the ground and get Europe to 100% deforestation-free soy imports.

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