Interlinkages between ARS-1000 and EU Deforestation Regulation – An Explainer

The ARS-1000 regional standard on sustainable cocoa (‘ARS-1000’) and the EU Deforestation Regulation (‘EUDR’) are both set out to guide value chain actors in the cocoa sector towards sustainable, deforestation-free cocoa production. Both policies are being finalized and the relevant authorities are preparing for roll-out and enforcement. A closer interlinkage between the two policy frameworks will strengthen the impact of both the ARS-1000 and the EUDR.

This explainer outlines how the cocoa sector can benefit from complementarity between these two policy frameworks and suggests next steps to reach that potential.

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Interlinkages between ARS1000 and EUDR_IDH May 2023


A publication by IDH with support from the Amsterdam Declaration Partnership (ADP), the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) and the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA)