Malawi Tea 2020 Annual Progress Report (October 2016)

The signing of the Malawi Tea 2020 MoU in June 2015 and the launch of the tea industry revitalization Roadmap in September 2015 signaled the beginning of a new and ambitious program aimed at delivering a thriving and sustainable tea industry where workers earn a living wage and smallholder farmers a living income.

The multi-stakeholder nature of the program demonstrates the commitment of all supply chain actors (producers, tea buying and packing companies, traders and retailers), civil society, government and unions to work together to ensure a profitable future for Malawian tea growers and improved livelihoods for workers and their families. This type of collaboration is a first for the tea industry anywhere in the world.

In the last year, under the overall guidance of the Steering Committee, stakeholders have worked to deliver the activities and KPIs outlined in the Roadmap. Significant progress has been made in areas such as improved worker nutrition, a very first Collective Bargaining Agreement between TAML and the Plantations Union, and we have seen an increase in Farmer Field Schools.

This Progress report assesses the implementation of the planned activities to provide an overview of activities undertaken under each pillar of the Roadmap during the last year and the immediate plans for the future.

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