São Marcelo: The business case for a landscape approach to sustainable beef production in Brazil


“I need to buy 100% from legal growers, it’s been the same for 24 years. It has been difficult for us to increase our supply base because typically in the region, what happens is that you can only check the direct seller, not the previous people they have bought from. It is a problem, because other farms don’t have traceability like we do. It is better for us for all the region to be approved, so anything from the region can be assured.”

Daniel Eijsink, General Manager, São Marcelo

After over thirty years of strong supplier engagement, cattle ranch and family business São Marcelo is seeking to support the increase in production of sustainable, zero-deforestation, traceable beef in order to meet cus­tomer demand for such products.

It does so by engaging in a landscape approach via the Produce, Conserve, Include (PCI) regional compact convened by IDH in the Juruena Valley, Mato Grosso, Brazil. The Compact seeks to transform the region into a verified sourcing area for cattle and family agriculture products, through public and private partnership and engagement, generating income for the local population while conserving forests.

Download the case study below, and explore more business case studies here.

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