The Supervisory Board of IDH guards the policy and functioning of the IDH office. It also oversees the principles of IDH, decides on accepting new improvement programs, and consolidates annual plans and reports. The Board comes together three times a year.

The board members at the IDH office in Utrecht, September 2023.

"IDH is a unique organisation that is in a good position to encourage and support companies, hand in hand with other stakeholders, including local governments, farmers and banks, to increase productivity and secure livelihoods while protecting forests and other natural resources and improving the resilience of agriculture-reliant families, with regards to food and nutritional security. I look forward to contributing to this through the IDH Supervisory Board."

Magdi Batato, Executive VP and Head of Operations at Nestlé

Members of the IDH Supervisory Board

"We need to invest in scalable solutions within the global food system, and IDH purpose aligns directly with this goal. Together with my fellow board members and the IDH team, I believe we can transform our food systems to meet the needs of people and planet. I am looking forward to working toward this goal as part of the IDH Supervisory Board.”