The Netherlands

IDH headquarters are located in Utrecht. From here the organization and most programs are managed. Read more about our mission, organizational structure and history in the about IDH pages.

The team in the Netherlands

Executive Board

Communication & Outreach
International Partnerships
Innovative Finance
  • Dominic Strano

    Senior Manager Innovative Finance - Africa

    +31 (0) 6 1186 7795

  • Melinda Gróf

    Investment Analyst Innovative Finance

  • Miguel Tamayo Maertens

    Senior Manager Innovative Finance - Asia, LATAM

  • Roel Messie

    Chief Investment Officer, IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative

Landscape managers
  • Charlotte Kalkhoven

    Program Operations Officer

  • Claudia Schlangen

    Senior Operational Manager, Landscapes

  • Lisa Stahl

    Program Operations Officer

  • Warwick Easdown

    Senior Fundraising Manager

Learning and Innovation
Program Directors
Program Managers
Program Officers

Contact and Directions


Phone +31 (0)30 230 5660

Visitor address

Arthur van Schendelstraat 500
3511 MH Utrecht
The Netherlands

Postal Address

P.O. Box 1241
3500 BE Utrecht
The Netherlands

Map of location


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