Diversifying vanilla farmers' income with cocoa

To secure sustainable vanilla  supply, PROVA partnered up with Barry Callebaut, with support from IDH, in 2016 to engage in an on-the-ground project in Madagascar. The joint project aims to encourage farmer entrepreneurship, improve community livelihoods and secure a sustainable supply of vanilla by overcoming challenges linked to agriculture and market volatility. Additionally, the project supports farmers to diversify their income by learning to grow and process cocoa in anticipation of a potential upcoming price drop. To date, hundreds of farmers have participated in the program:

  1.  Vanilla farmers take part in training to build the knowledge needed to improve vanilla quality and yield and to cure vanilla beans on-farm.
  2.  Farmers receive cocoa seedlings, training and tools to help diversify income.
  3. Farmers and their communities benefit from a variety of social initiatives that support education, nutrition and health to improve the livelihoods.