Sector Systemic Change

IDH aims for systemic change through changing business practices, improving sector governance, and improving field-level sustainability. In our theory of change, these three areas are interlinked, and must be addressed in parallel to effect systemic change that substantially contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Change in Business Practices

    Change of behavior at corporate level of the main business actors in the value chain, towards more sustainable business practices.

  • Improved Sector Governance

    Change in sector agencies and sector institutions to manage the sector in a sustainable way at local and international levels.

  • Improved Field-Level Sustainability

    Sustainability impact at the level of producers, workers and producer communities, including their economic situation, their social well-being, and the sustainability of their natural resource base.

Our Result Measurement Framework

IDH collects information on key performance indicators (KPIs) for changes in output and outcome level in three result areas (business practices, sector governance and, sustainability at the field level), gathered through the Result Measurement Framework (RMF). All programs and projects are expected to collect data biannually or annually for several indicators that apply to their activities.

Through the RMF we keep track of progress reported by our program teams and Implementing Partners (IPs). We contract IPs to execute projects and set strict rules for IP spending, the KPIs and the reporting cycles they have to commit to. The formulated KPIs are based upon an input, output, outcomes and impact framework. Through closely monitoring the progress in each of our projects we can build upon the approaches that are most effective and continuously make improvements to our programs. In addition our program teams are well informed through field visits and regular meetings and discussions. Sector program progress is bi-annually visualized by barometers that you’ll find on each sector page.