Creating a more equal distribution of value and risk in the cocoa sector requires changes in business practices across the entire supply chain, from exporter to retailer to cooperative. Farmers must be treated as equal and valued partners: increasing yields isn’t enough if prices are too low.

IDH is working with frontrunning companies, brands and suppliers on a range of ‘smart mix’ strategies to drive change in business practices, from procurement to more traceable and transparent supply chains. These “high impact models” have the potential to accelerate and scale impact on farmers’ livelihoods, and can ultimately create more supply and demand for cocoa sourced from practices enabling living income.

Global Partnerships with Supply Chain Actors on Living income

  • Nestle: Global Income Accelerator Program

    IDH provides governance oversight for efficient scaling of the Nestle Income Accelerator Program

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    Nestle: Global Income Accelerator Program
  • Tony's Open Chain: Scaling Open Chain with Impact on Living Income

    IDH partners with Tony’s Open Chain to verify the impact of the 5 Sourcing Principles on living income and to scale this impact through increased industry buy-in of the sourcing principles

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    Tony's Open Chain: Scaling Open Chain with Impact on Living Income
  • Ben&Jerry's: Impact Proofing Living Income Strategy

    IDH has been collaborating with Ben&Jerry's on impact proofing their living income strategy and using this to engage broader industry around improved business practices to enable living income

  • Cargill

    IDH works with Cargill to integrate a living income Investment Model into its core Cargill Cocoa Promise offering and its Bespoke Brand customer offerings.

  • Barry Callebaut

    IDH works with Barry Callebaut to use insights on the living income impact of its customer programs to improve its strategy and brand engagement on living income.

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    Barry Callebaut

Cocoaperation Program in Cote d'Ivoire

Cocoaperation is an IDH-sponsored program launched in 2022 in collaboration with Conseil Café-Cacao. The program aims to reduce the average living income gap from over 50% to less than 30% for approx 100,000 cocoa farming households in various production regions of Côte d’Ivoire. Cocoaperation provides co-funding and technical assistance as well as a public-private platform to convene a consortium of partners to facilitate progress on enabling living income.

Cocoaperation builds from lessons learned from the Farm and Cooperative Investment Program, including how to make investments translate into better incomes for farmers.

Join the Roadmap on Living Income

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