2020 Farmfit Insights Report now live: Smallholder Services Provision as a Viable Business

At IDH we have a vision: Highly productive and inclusive agricultural supply chains that empower African farmers and businesses to self-sufficiency. Through IDH Farmfit we are working towards achieving this goal. In this latest report, we share our latest findings from this journey. We have now analyzed over 50 ways businesses are providing services to smallholders. From large agribusiness to small regionalized companies in staple and cash crops.

Our analyses show that service provision to smallholders can both be impactful and commercially viable, but not all companies are realizing the financial and social return they aim for. However, through the data, insights and best practices from IDH Farmfit, companies (and their investors) are being enabled to make smarter decisions. Couple that with technical assistance and access to finance, and new service models are emerging that positively impact the lives of men and women in the farming community.

We hope our learnings will continue to inspire you and your business, to design more effective and profitable services and invest in smallholder farmers. By improving the productivity and livelihoods of smallholder farmers we can achieve far-reaching impact, improving national and regional food security in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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