Measuring volumes from responsible sources; FSI ambition

In the last months, the project partners and FSI members have been working together to finalise the measuring protocol and get some first experiences on gathering the data.

The first measurements will give FSI members an indication of their percentage of flowers and plants originating from responsible sources as set by the 2015 FSI Basket of Standards. The FSI member commitment for 2020 is to reach the 90% ambition.

The measuring will take place in close cooperation with Pricewaterhouse Coopers who will assist members with the data gathering and reporting. FSI members will start generating their individual outcomes over the summer and the aggregated outcomes, learnings and points for improvements from this first round of measurements will be communicated to FSI.

An important part of the project is also to gather information on certified growers with information originating from the scheme owners directly, aligning data structures and processes and the implementation of a tool for traders to facilitate their measurements.

The first results shall give FSI and its members an indication of the improvements and actions that can be taken as individual companies, as a group of FSI members, and on sector level. The results will also provide input for follow-up projects.