About the Beyond Chocolate Steering Committee

The Beyond Chocolate Partnership is guided by a multi-actor steering Committee. It provides strategic guidance on the implementation and direction of the Belgian Sustainable Chocolate Programme. The main role of the Steering Committee is to give direction to the IDH Secretariat on strategic programme development and implementation issues within the context of the “Beyond Chocolate” partnership agreement of December 2018. It will also advise the IDH Secretariat on new developments and priorities in the Belgian chocolate sector and their impact on the programme.

The steering committee consists of :

  • a representative of the Belgian Development Cooperation (DGD) private sector unit, Jean-Jacques Bastien
  • a representative of the Choprabisco Board, Patrick Hautphenne
  • a representative of the Belgian civil society, Charles Snoeck
  • a representative of the Belgian supermarket chains, Mieke Vercaeren
  • a representative of the Belgian knowledge institutions, Patrick Van Damme
  • a representative of one of the social impact funds, Wouter Vandersypen