Becoming a member of Beyond Chocolate

The “Beyond Chocolate” initiative is explicitly open to new partners who wish to join and contribute in a meaningful way.

New signatories will each time be invited to step up and sign the Partnership publicly at the next Beyond Chocolate event. When doing so, your actions should start to contribute to the common goals. It is also possible to formulate an individual commitment for your organization. This will be added to the partnership document.

Afterwards, you will be asked to formally confirm your commitment at the Belgian Development Cooperation Department (DGD) by sending DGD your organization’s representative electronic signature, the name of the signing person and his/her function.

Your contact person at DGD is:

Head of the Private Sector Unit, Mr. Jean-Jacques Bastien

By signing Beyond Chocolate, you are expected to take concrete steps towards achieving the 2025 and 2030 goals and will be asked to contribute to the reporting via the accountability framework. This framework is still under construction and will become operational in the next few weeks. The second draft will be presented at the 1 year anniversary event of December 5th.