The Beyond Chocolate governance structure has evolved

As our partnership is constantly evolving, learning and growing, it is only normal that our governance structure goes through some changes too. During the first year of our partnership, we made the division into:

  • The Steering Committee
  • The IDH Secretariat
  • Working group on living income
  • Working group on ending deforestation
  • Working group on youth and decent work


As the development of our Accountability, Monitoring and Evaluation Framework is of crucial importance in this stage of the partnership, a specific AME working group will be created. This group of experts will be devoted exclusively to the development and follow-up of the Framework. You can find the full AME working group mandate below.


Outside of this AME working group, we will also organize 3 advisory groups (living income, ending deforestation & youth and decent work) and several learning events. You will get updates on the dates and subjects of these learning events. The first one will take place at the day of our second General Assembly (28th May).

For a visual overview of the new governance structure, click on the link below.


Download the new governance structure here


Download the Mandate of the AME working group here