Discover the 7 approved Beyond Chocolate projects


On December 5th, 2019, Beyond Chocolate launched a call for proposals for living income projects in targeted production areas. These projects will test interventions and business models for sustainable cocoa sourcing in main impact areas linked to the Belgian sector. After a careful reviewing of the concept notes and full project proposals, the following 7 projects were selected. IDH will work with the below-mentioned lead partners to increase the impact of their project. The results of the projects will be shared within the partnership.


  • A Living Income for cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire: a chainwide collaboration to move from concept to reality

Lead partner: Colruyt group

Other project partners: Puratos, Rikolto International, Fairtrade Belgium, Ghent University, Agro-Insight, Access Agriculture, Entreprise Coopérative de Saint Paul

Summary: This is a pilot project that has as its goal to bring a living income for cocoa growers in Côte d’Ivoire from concept to reality, contributing to securing long-lasting improvements to the living conditions and environment of 102 cocoa growing households, i.e. 1015 people, in Daregba and Colonel communities, San Pedro, Côte d’Ivoire. An integrated approach on living income is adopted, including 6 parameters.


  • Sustainable organic and high-quality cocoa production for the cooperative Yeyasso in Ivory Coast

Lead partner: Galler Chocolatiers S.A.

Other project partners: Yeyasso, Enabel, University of Gent, dep. op tropical plants & crops, Zoto

Summary: This project wants to contribute to closing the gap to a living income for the farmers of the cooperative of Yeyasso in Côte d’Ivoire by contributing to a sustainable cocoa production, diversifying activities, including women and professionalizing the farmer organization.


  • Changing the norm in the cocoa sector (CNC) Accelerating cocoa farmers towards a living income in Côte d’Ivoire

Lead partner: Tony’s Chocolonely

Other project partners: Delhaize Ahold, ECAM cooperative, Socoopacdi cooperative, Ecojad Cooperative, Kapatchiva Cooperative

Summary: The Open Chain supply chain in Ivory Coast consists of 4 cooperatives with a total estimated volume of 25.000 MT and 7.353 farmers. The OC mission allies currently source 5.425MT from these 4 cooperatives. The objective of the project is to support all 4 cooperatives to professionalise and deliver according to the 5 sourcing principle, and to entice other mission allies to join us in supporting 5 Sourcing Principle ready cooperatives.


  • Beyond Trees, towards better income for cocoa farmers 

Lead partner: Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, Cargill B.V.

Other project partners: PUR Projet, Empow’Her

Summary: This project will promote the adoption of cocoa-agroforestry and off-farm reforestation following a community-based approach as a major strategy for enhancing conservation outcomes while also seeking to improve rural livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their families. The long-term impact objective of this project is to simultaneously improve the income and living standards of cocoa farmers and their communities and to end further deforestation for production of cocoa.


  • Cocoa Household Income Diversification Project -Ghana

Lead partner: Barry Callebaut sourcing AG

Other project partners: Cocoa Horizons Foundation, Callebaut (Barry Callebaut Belgium), Aldi South group, Boris B Farms Limited, Envirofit, Koudjis Ghana Limited, Solidaridad, West Africa Limited, Meridia,

Summary: Project is intended to address the income issues of 2-5 co-operatives under Cocoa Horizons project (2,000-5,000 Farming HH) through rejuvenation, VSLA’s and diversification.


  • Living income for sustainable organic farmers

Lead Partner: Puratos NV

Other project Partners: Fairtrade Belgium, Belvas SA, Entreprise Coopérative de Saint-Paul (ECSP)

Summary: This project aims to secure a living income for 1000 Cacao-Trace + Fairtrade farmers by converting them into a proven model of sustainable organic production.


  • Landscapes for cocoa livelihoods 

Lead Partner: Mondelez International

Other Project Partners: Olam International / Outspan Ivoire S.A., International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Sustainable Food Lab, NewForesight

Summary: Landscapes for Cocoa Livelihoods will develop and validate a framework for managing landscapes that differentiates livelihood strategies for cocoa farmers. The approach recognizes that certain farmers will be better placed to achieve living income through sustainable intensification, while others who generate more ecosystem services through forest conservation will benefit from a stronger livelihood component of payments for ecosystem services. Both groups will be able to benefit from income diversification through promotion of agroforestry.