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As part of a series of podcasts to share our insights on IDH approaches in addressing complex sustainability issues, our latest webinar explores the research conducted into IDH’s public good impact and the evidence gathered so far.

This episode provides insights into the methodologies employed in gathering and assessing evidence and discusses IDH project to mitigate deforestation in the South West Mau Forest (Kenya) as an example.

In her presentation, Carla Romeu Dalmau, senior manager learning and Impact Research at IDH, maps the trajectory from constructing intervention logics, through identifying core evidence pathways, knowledge gaps and gathering existing evidence. Altogether, the assessment process has produced a first report by Wageningen University & Research and KPMG that gathers the latest proof for IDH’s novel approaches to complex sustainability issues and identifies which evidence still needs to be gathered.

To learn more about IDH and its public good impact, read How we’re making a difference, a summary of the evidence so far on IDH’s impacts 2016-2020. You can also read the full report written by WUR and KPMG. If you would like to see the slides that accompany this webinar, you can click through to our video.

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