Experts in Amsterdam on results of Aid and Trade policy

Dutch magazine Vice Versa is holding a congress this Friday (in Dutch) about the front running Dutch aid and trade policy. High level delegates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including Hans Doctor, Director for Sustainable Economic Development and Joost Oorthuizen, Executive Director of IDH will discuss the future of the aid and trade policy of the Netherlands.

Around 100 experts from businesses, universities, Civil Society and the government are expected to participate, including Dirk-Jan Koch, from Radboud University Nijmegen. Bart de Steenhuijsen Piters from the department of Sustainable Economic Development of the Royal Tropical Institute, Danielle Hirsch, director BothEnds, Heske Verburg, director Solidaridad, Joost Oorthuizen, Hans Doctor and Jorim Schraven, Director Strategy at FMO to discuss the results and challenges of the Aid and Trade Agenda.

The discussion will build upon a series of articles, for which Joost Oorthuizen will also be interviewed, that are online (Dutch only).

Find the program here. Early next week we will report on the most important outcomes in English.