IDH advances with the strategy to support the sustainable development of three territories in Colombia

On October 22, 2019, IDH presented its sustainable territorial development strategy to the members of the Board of AgroColombia Productiva y Sostenible. The states of Cesar, Huila and Magdalena were prioritized for the start of the program on the ground.

Since then, several meetings have been held with key players to investigate the needs of the municipalities in these regions.

Currently, a bidding process is open to hire an organization able to implement this approach strategy, following the principles of Production, Conservation and Inclusion, similar to IDH’s performance model in Brazil. “We believe we will be able to launch the Compact in September, with interventions in the palm oil, coffee, cocoa, bananas, and milk productive sectors – among others that may arise,” said Carolina Tenório, Senior Manager of the IDH Colombia Program.

IDH is fully committed to initiating a territorial development approach in these three regions, by bringing national and international investments, co-financing field projects and creating innovative financial solutions to encourage the production and conservation of natural resources. To this end, contacts have already been made with more than 20 entities, including government, companies, associations and local organizations.